Output Properties Dialog

The Output Properties dialog box allows you to customize the way Snap Video Pro performs snapshots and saves them on your computer.


Beep on finish capture – this option can be used in conjuction with the Beep on start
capture option found in the Input Properties dialog box . If checked, the program will
beep whenever a capture is finished.

Always show print dialog before printing – if you set the program to send the
snapshot to the printer, you can choose whether you would like to permanently
display the print dialog screen before choosing to print your document.

Image File

In here you can specify the file format the program should use to save the file to
disk. Each file format may have additional options accessible through the Options
button and which apply to that image file format only.

You can also choose to prompt the user for a filename before performing a capture,
to use a fixed name for capturing, or to automatically assign the snapshot a


The catalog feature Snap Video Pro provides is an advanced feature of the software
that allows you to quickly save all files to the catalog folder (when choosing to do so
in the Output menu), using an automatic filename or prompting the user for one.