How To Build A Slideshow

Snap Video Pro now offers the advanced ability of building a slideshow for your captures. You can use the integrated AVI builder to build your customized slideshows, fast and easy.

This feature will allow you to add images to your image list and later compile them in one single AVI file, compressed or not.

There are five easy steps to take. The first is adding your images.

Second, you can add a wavefile for the AVI file. You may use this to build your slideshow with additional voice information.

The third step is the one that allows you to choose what type of renderer you use for building the AVI file. You can set the delay between the frames, the width and the height of the AVI and whether to automatically stretch or not images that do not have the size that you have set.

The fourth step is to choose an output filename and press the Write button. This will write the AVI slideshow to your file.

The fifth and final step is testing your slideshow. Pressing the appropiate button will open a Media Player window that will allow you to view the way your slideshow looks.