Making Your First Snapshot

Let’s start by making our first snapshot in Windows.

Open Snap Video Pro, and also start another software program (can be a word processor such as Microsoft Word, or any other software program). Now let’s try to capture the contents of this window inside Snap Video Pro.

The first step is choosing our desired capture option. Go to the File menu and choose Active Window from the menu.

Next, since this is the first time you have used Snap Video Pro, the hotkey to capture the active window is Alt+F12. Therefore, go to the other software program (make it the active program in Windows, by choosing it in the taskbar or by pressing Alt+Tab until the program becomes visible). Now simply press Alt+F12.

Wow! Yes, indeed, Snap Video Pro reacts to this keypress and offers you a preview of the snapshot! You may now accept this snapshot or cancel it. To accept the capture, press the Accept button that appears in the preview window.

Once this button is pressed, you will see the first snapshot appears in Snap Video Pro in a new child window.

Congratulations! You are now ready to start using the advanced features of Snap Video Pro!