Input Properties Dialog

The Input Properties dialog allows you to choose from several input options that are available in Snap Video Pro.


Hide Snap Video Pro on capture – Hides the program before performing any capture

Beep on start capture – The program beeps whenever the capture starts

Refresh Time – sets the default desktop refresh time (the default is 20 milliseconds –
this is the recommended value for giving Windows the ability to successfully repaint
the desktop before performing a capture).

Capture Timer

Enable Timer-Activated Capture – allows you to enable the advanced feature of
Snap Video Pro, which allows you to quickly perform continous snapshots for
building a slideshow or presentation. You can set the time bewteen the two
consecutive snapshots by altering the Perform capture every text field.

Fixed Region

You may enter here the details (widht, height and starting coordinates) of a snapshot, when the program is set to capture a fixed region of the screen.