How To Draw On An Image

If you have a snapshot that you would like to completely customize by drawing your
custom text on it, you can use the advanced features that Snap Video Pro provides.

Choose Edit Image from the Image menu in the main program.

You will see this window:

In here you have various editing tools that you may use to customize your snapshot.

These are available in the Drawing Tools tab. Simply hover the mouse over any
button to see a brief description of that button’s functionality and click it to select
that drawing tool in the window.

For instance, to draw a quick line on the snapshot, you click the Line button. Next,
move the move on the picture and start drawing the line! It’s as simple as that!


You can check the Draw arrows checkbox to draw arrows instead of lines.

You can choose the line width and color from the Colours tab. Just choose a color
from those available in the current palette and start drawing. You can also edit the
width and the height of the image from the properties tab on the left.

Each time you change the pixel format of the image (e.g. you switch from 24 bit to 8
bit), you will notice that the color palette automatically adjusts itself to match the
new palette.